Understanding Sublimation

In simple terms, Sublimation printing is a method of creating garments that have 100% print and graphics coverage using ink and heat.  This creation process allows garment designs to go seam to seam and have full coverage graphics on the front, back and sleeves (and more) which creates colorful, vibrant and high definition printed garments. 

We start with a digital design - creating what your design on the garments will look like.  We can add graphics, your logos, images or whatever - the potential is limitless!  This image then gets printed via a large format printer onto heat transferrable paper.  This paper is then run through a heat press and sublimated onto fabric which is where the sublimation magic happens.  From there we cut the fabric blocks out and professionally sew them together.

The fabric type that works best for sublimation printing are polyester (70% or more) based fabrics which come in a range of textures and GSM grades.  This means you can have summer weights, winter weights, fleece and other great fabrics which suit a variety of requirements.

Also, with sublimation printing, once you have your design sorted, re-runs are super easy for future requirements.